Dam Maintenance & Repairs:

            Slope Stabilization – On existing earth embankment dams, slopes are often steep, overgrown with vegetation and susceptible to erosion. One of the most common failures of dams occurs when trees on the embankment are uprooted during storm events, leading to erosion and subsequent failure of the embankment. It is important that, on earth embankment sections, slopes be stabilized by clearing, regrading and providing a stable cover of grass that is then maintained and monitored.

            Maintenance of Earth Embankments – In order to visually inspect dam embankments on a regular basis, the top of the dam, the slopes and areas within 25 feet of the abutment and toe areas must be kept clear. Usually this involves mowing grass, weed whacking and / or removal of light brush – at a minimum of two times per year. Needless to say, any trees within these same limits must be removed, along with their root systems. We offer a service to mow earth embankments biannually to stop growth before it becomes a problem.  If needed we will add you to our list of clients.

Riprap Protection – Riprap is a common term for stone protection along waterways, particularly along embankments and stream channels. On the upstream side of dams, wave action and ice often cut away at embankment shorelines, creating erosion and loss of soil. Riprap is often used to reinforce these embankment sections, breaking up the waves as they approach - thereby  stopping erosion and transport of sediment. Similarly, on the downstream side of the dam, where flow from spillways or outlet structures touches upon soil sensitive channel areas, riprap is commonly used to armor embankments, channels and side slopes, and stilling basins to avoid erosive action and loss of soil which could compromise the structural integrity of the spillway or dam. In some instances, where particularly high velocities, turbulence or scour are anticipated, the void areas between the stones are filled with concrete to avoid both loss of stone and underlying soils. Riprap comes in varying sizes of stones, in some cases crushed or broken stone, and can include precast concrete blocks


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