Project List

Silvermine River Dams  - Wilton, CT  - Private
Scope: Remove and Replace (2) dams, Install Fishway, Stop Log Structure, Streambank Protection, Cofferdam and Water Control

New Canaan Field Club - New Canaan, CT - Private
Scope: Remove and Replace (2) dams, Stop Log Structures, Streambank Protection

Indian Lake Dam - Milford, CT - Lake Association
Scope: Remove Spalled Concrete, Install Concrete Cap on Spillway

Samp Mortar Dam -Fairfield, CT - Lake Association
2001 ,2002,2003,2009,2010
Scope: Install H Beams around Inlet Structure encase in concrete, remove valves, install sluice gates, crack repair with chemical grout, joint repair, remove delaminated concrete on wingwalls and replace.

Beaver Lake Dam - Bedford, NY - Lake Association
Scope Replace 200 ft spillway, Install Downstream Rip Rap, Streambank Protection

Northfield Pond Dam - Northfield, CT -  Connecticut Dept of Environmental Protection
Scope: Poured Reinforced Concrete Walls, Cantilevered Spillway, New Inlet Structure, Sluice Gate, Stop Log Stucture, Cofferdam, Water Control

Middle River Dams #1, #2  - S. Windsor, CT - State of Ct DEP
Scope: Seal joints, Cover Rip Rap, Reconstruct Dike, Inlet Riser Modifications, Slope Protection

Avery Brook Dams #4, #5 - Stafford, CT - State of Ct DEP
Reconstruct Dike Access Road, Pipe repair, Repair Concrete Surface, Concrete Coating, Beaver Fencing, Inlet Structure Repairs

Millard Pond Dam - Norwalk, CT – Private
Breach Dam, Remove 12ft Waterwheel, new concrete spillway, bank stabilization

Van Deusen Dam  - Roxbury, CT – Private
New granite spillway, upstream corewall, masonry repairs, new masonry viewing area, Pedestrian bridges, 2000lf walking trails

Outdoor World Dam - E Sturbridge, Mass  - Private
New Inlet structure, trash Rack, Stop Log structure, piping, earthen Dam

Woodruff Dam - New Preston, CT  - Private
New Upstream Concrete Wall, New Cantilevered Spillway, New Inlet piping

Amston Lake Dam -  Amston, CT - Lake Association
Crack repair, new Inlet Structure, Stop log structure, Sluice Gate, DI piping, pressure grouting of spillway, cofferdam, cutoff wall

Spring Lake Dam - Southington, CT - Private
Rip Rap slope protection, repair deteriorated spillway, crack and joint repair

Windsorville Dam - Windsorville, CT - Private
Emergency repairs to dam, new concrete wingwall/spillway, cofferdam

Tyler Lake Spillway - Goshen, CT - Town Owned
Emergency repairs to inlet structure gate

Somersville Dam - Somersville, CT - CT DEP
New reinforced corewall, rip rap slope protection, new retaining wall, piping catch basins, concrete crack and joint repair

Waterbury Inlet Structure - Waterbury, CT - CT DEP
Emergency repairs to Inlet Structure, reinforced concrete

Middle River Site 1,2,3,6 - Stafford Springs, CT - CT DEP
New Dikes, Access Roads, New Slopes with Rip Rap Slope Protection, Structure Repair, Crack and Joint Repair, Beaver Fences

Crescent Lake Dam - Enfield, CT - CT DEP
New stepped spillway, New Inlet structure with Sluice Gate, piping, new outlet structure, Rip Rap Slope Protection

Gaylord Pond Dam - Colebrook, CT - Lake Association
New Cantilevered Spillway, Slope Protection, Streambank Protection, raise dike

McLean Game Refuge - Granby, CT - Private
New Fish Passageway, New Diversion Dam, Retaining Walls, streambank protection, Rip Rap Armoring, Remove and Replace Main Dam, Stepped Spillway, cofferdam

Fisher Pond Dam  Salisbury, CT - Private
Remove and Replace Dam, 1000 ft rip rap slope protection, cofferdam, DI inlet piping/manhole, cantilevered spillway, cofferdam, raise dike


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