Beaver Fence – Beaver fences are designed to prevent beavers from plugging outlets or building beaver dams across spillways. Since debris built up by beavers can impede flow and raise water levels, it is important to prevent them from constructing their dams or plugging low level outlets. Beaver fencing, situated upstream of the spillway and / or intake for an outlet, allows beavers to build their dams away from the spillway, under controlled conditions. A flexible pipe is often situated through the fencing to allow free passage of water to maintain desired levels behind the beaver dam.

Fish Passageways or Fish Ladders – Fishways allow for the free movement or migration of anadromous or diadromous fish between salt water and fresh water. Often related to spawning periods, they allow for restoration of many depleted species. In past years, these fishways have sometimes been mandated by regulatory agencies while dams are repaired, or sometimes they are publicly funded in critical restoration areas. They can consist of prefabricated structures or they can be constructed in place of a variety of materials such as metals or concrete. As the name suggests, they resemble ladders or steps, often with turning or resting pools, that allow fish to jump to a higher elevation through a series of small pools at different levels.


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